Come Celebrate Our Diversity — Virtually!
To everyone whose enthusiasm, energy and commitment to building an inclusive community has made the One World Festival such a great event over the years —
Since we were unable to get together for an in-person One World Festival in the spring of 2021, you are invited to gather online to celebrate the diversity in our community and offer local elementary schoolchildren and their teachers some of the inspiring performances, activities, and teachings about inclusivity that you have brought to the festival over the years.
We have a new page called “Teaching Resources” on this site, where we will post your entries — all centred on diversity — throughout the year, for children, teachers (and parents) to enjoy together. Please create something of your own — aimed at elementary schoolchildren — to add. Here are some ideas to get you started:
Short videos — in MP4 format and no longer than five minutes — could feature: a song from your heritage culture, an introduction to some basic words from your heritage language (“mother,” “father,” days of the week, “hello,” “goodbye,” “I miss you!”), a show-and-tell about hand drums or jingle dresses (or a sari, kente cloth, kimono, kirpan, ceintre fléchée, dastar or sporran), a demonstration of a traditional dance or instrument, children’s game or craft, or your telling of a folktale, describing a powwow, telling about your first day in Canada (if you are a newcomer), remembering how your grandparents travelled here (if they were settlers), or sharing your family’s heritage and special holidays. Every individual or group who submits an accepted video will receive a $100 honorarium until our budget limit is reached. Please send a confirmation of your video entry, in advance, and submit your completed entry to
Printed messages such as poems, traditional recipes (for holidays or every day, and with a photo, please), and jpg-format images such as photographs of flags, maps and artwork are also welcome.
Thanks to you all!
— the Inclusive Communities Committee of Grey and Bruce

— With thanks to our supporters for this virtual event!




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