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Due to the COVID-19 virus, the 2020 Grey Bruce One World Festival: Imagining Our Inclusive Future — planned for Thursday, June 4 — has been cancelled.

2020 Grey Bruce One World Festival: Imagining Our Inclusive Future

The 2020 One World Festival will be held Thursday, June 4, from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. along First Avenue West — between 8th Street West and 9th Street West — with activities in St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, the Tom Thomson Art Gallery, and the Owen Sound and North Grey Union Public Library.

Please join us! You’re invited to host a booth at the 2020 festival —

We are inviting you to participate by making a presentation that supports inclusivity and diversity at this event. We provide an eight-foot table and tablecloth, two chairs, refreshments throughout the day, and a parking pass. Electricity is available at some booths upon request. The festival is free of charge to participants and those who attend, therefore sales or solicitations for donations (even for a worthy cause) are not part of this event. When you hand in your receipts at the event, the festival will help to cover the cost — up to $50 per booth — of food, printing and craft materials.

Many of those who attend are elementary schoolchildren, so presenters are asked to offer an activity and/or an educational component that is themed around acceptance, understanding, diversity and inclusivity. Most children stop at each booth for only five or ten minutes, as they walk through the festival, so each activity needs to be brief.

The items at your display can be simple and should not be too precious, since this is a crowded event. The chance to stop and talk to you, and to try an activity or learn something new, are the most important things you can offer to festival visitors.

What are some of the things your booth could include?

— The flag of your heritage country
— A map and/or photographs
— Samples of national dress
— Typical holiday decorations
— Children’s picture books in your heritage language
— Children’s toys and musical instruments from your heritage country
— A printout of fun and interesting facts about your heritage country, which could list inventions, foods, holidays, games and sports that children play, famous authors and artists who appeal to kids, national symbol, most-common family pet, everyday etiquette, the words and music for the national anthem or a favourite children’s song — things that would be of interest to children
— A printout of instructions for how to play a traditional ball game and/or the words for a rope-skipping game
— A demonstration, in words and writing, of how to say simple phrases such as “Hello!”, “Welcome”, “What is your name?”, and words such as “grandmother” and “grandfather”, or “house”, “tree”, “country”
— A list of the top ten most-popular names for boys and girls in your heritage country, and their meaning (if any)
— A sample of the written alphabet, if it is different than the English alphabet
— Small samples of nut-free commercially-prepared, nonperishable foods (you will need a posted sign that lists the ingredients)
— A demonstration of a traditional craft and/or a quick, traditional craft that the children who stop by the booth can make and take away

For a glimpse of past festivals, please choose the Sights and Sounds page.

We appreciate that it is often difficult to take a day off work for an event such as this, but we do hope that you will choose to be a part of this celebration, and help us to build this annual festival and a welcoming inclusive community.

If you would like to join us, please email your request to

You’re also invited to join our committee!
Would you like to make a difference in our community?

The Inclusive Communities Committee (ICC) and the Grey Bruce One World Festival invite you to join us — to help increase the participation, visibility and inclusion of all of the constituents of our diverse community.

We are seeking new members to attend committee meetings — to bring your ideas, enthusiasm, experience and energy to the annual Grey Bruce One World Festival, and to initiate other programs and events that celebrate the rich diversity in Grey and Bruce counties.

The ICC meets in downtown Owen Sound on the second Wednesday of each month, from 3:30 to 5 p.m.

Aside from their time commitment to meetings, members volunteer to take on particular tasks, as they are interested and able, in the run up to the festival — and most volunteer with the festival setup and cleanup, and are on hand during the event to help performers and presenters, and to enjoy the celebration.

If you would like to join the ICC, or know someone who you would like to suggest as a member, please get in touch. You can contact us through this site.

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